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The Goodfellas: Sup Fu? Saturdays Exclusive Mix



Who's a fan of @jacuzzilafleur? Aka #JazzCartier.
Pre Sale Password: IRONMAN. And stay tuned for a ticket giveaway contes. @timbreconcerts @alexandergastown @ghostfacekillah @therealgza @cappadonna
#IgetHyphy stickers in London Town?! #HyphyWorldWide #UKgetsHyphy
Don't get stuck outside! We got your back. Just head over to whenever you come to one of our events. #GuestListVancouver #IgetHyphy
@alexandergastown 💯
Start the week off right with some fun facts. #IgetHyphy
Thank you to everyone who came out to our events this weekend. @alexandergastown with @skratchbastid was nasty and as always #SupFu blew up. Enjoy your Sunday! #IgetHyphy
Stacked #SupFu lineup tonight featuring @toneysnow @djflipout @swingondeez. for guest list.
#TheDress........ Who careeees. Come jam to something that matters tonight at @alexandergastown. #MusicIsLife
Cats out of the bag! @skratchbastid tonight at the @alexandergastown. #Regram #CuteCats #Funk #Vancouver
Tomorrow we've got the one and only @skratchbastid rolling through. for guest list. @alexandergastown
Nothing but love at #SupFu. Who's ready for it to be the weekend? #IgetHyphy
These guys love you. Pics are up from last Saturday on our FB page. @fortunesound @djmarvel @rhek
Very few tickets remainnnnn. @lidogotpix debut show in #Vancouver. @cherchez
Sundays ❤️
Well done @vancityoriginalbrand, well done. They'll have a booth set up tonight for everyone to check out the new collection. Come earlllllyyyy, guest list is rammed. @fortunesound #SupFu
We bout to blow up tonight. @vancityoriginalbrand will be showcasing their new Chinatown inspired collection + #DreDay + the sun is hella shining so have a lovely day. @fortunesound
You know you're turning up tonight. @hyphyevents at the @alexandergastown. Straight funk and soul allllllll night long. And them some old school hip hop ✌️
Let's funk @alexandergastown up together tonight. For all guest list enquiries hit up or one of our friendly promoters. #IgetHyphy
It's happening againnnnn. Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow. @chindaddy @alexandergastown